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We accept submissions of fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, screenplays, and plays. We also accept submissions of visual art for consideration for each issue’s cover. Please limit your longer works (fiction, nonfiction, screenplays, and plays) to one submission; for poetry, limit your submission to five poems. For art, please include no more than five pieces. We will not accept previously published pieces.

FLARE editors select work through a blind reading process. Please remove names and identifying features from actual manuscripts.

The publication is printed in the fall and published as an online edition in the spring.

FLARE seeks to publish the highest caliber poetry we can find. We place a high value on fresh, organic, poetic language. We also highly appreciate and encourage experimentation with form. We are interested in anything that throws us around the room and makes us reevaluate our perspectives. Please no more than five poems per submission. Please include a cover letter with your submission.


FLARE looks for fiction that showcases evocative storytelling, fresh perspectives and intelligent voices. Typically, we feature literary, traditional fiction, but we welcome experimental fiction for consideration. We generally do not accept genre fiction such as horror, sci-fi or fantasy unless it transcends the genre. Fiction submissions should be 5,000 words or less. Please include a cover letter with your submission.

Creative Nonfiction

We are open to any style or genre of nonfiction, but we are most drawn to work that tells a story, features narrative cohesion, and offers insight into a culture, situation, event, phenomenon or observation. Nonfiction submissions should be 5,000 words or less. Please include a cover letter with your submission.

Please include no more than five pieces, preferably as hi-res jpeg or pdf files. We do accept simultaneous submissions, but we do not accept previously published pieces. Please include a cover letter with your submission.


FLARE uses Submittable for all submissions. No submissions will be accepted by email. Please note simultaneous submissions and notify us if it is accepted elsewhere.

To submit toFLARE click here.

FLARE receives a high volume of submissions. We try to respond to all submissions within 6 months.


Fall issue: August 15
Spring issue: January 15
Flagler Student Edition (online): April 9, 2016


Payment is in the form of two copies of the issue in which the author is published.

Editorial Standards
We adhere to the general editorial standards established by The New York Times and we do not publish profanity or obscenity.


  1. Profanity may come up if the story demands it or if any of the characters in the story talks using the f word or other vulgar words, regardless of the author’s level of education. In fact, many Nobel Prize winners often allow their characters to talk that way. Reality and truth are more important than political correctness.

  2. I’d like to submit a play. Your guidelines do not have a drama category to upload the doc.
    Since it is formatted as a script I do know if the formatting will upload in another category, e.g. fiction.

  3. I see you only accept art for the cover. Do you print photographs with poems if a poem is based on a photograph? If so, only black and white? Thank you for any info.

  4. I’m glad to note you do not publish profanity. I am so sick of the F word, particularly when the writer is educated and presumably has an extensive vocabulary. A high school creative writing teacher told my class several decades ago intelligent writers don’t need profanity. The use of profanity is a “sign of a limited vocabulary, and a limited vocabulary is a sign of limited intelligence.” Amen to that Mr. Gist!

    1. Hey there! The call for art submissions has been closed for the Fall 2013 issue. However, there is the next edition that you will be able to submit. Just keep an eye out on this account to look for the next submission dates!

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